Process Engineering and Field Support

Wastewater Futures aims to offer a niche service to clients based on our extensive experience with industrial wastewaters, our in-depth knowledge of biological wastewater treatment, our highly qualified staff and our advanced laboratory and testing facilities.  The range of services offered includes:Boyer

  • Process concept design
  • Operations support
  • Plant auditing and performance assessment
  • Process Commissioning
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Specialist training
  • On-site data collection and performance trials

We work for a wide range of clients and industries, including petrochemical, dairy, mineral processing, brewing, food processing, steel manufacturing and meat processing. Projects include:

  • Operations support for an oil refinery wastewater treatment system
  • Technology evaluation and planning advice for a new water reuse plant at a meat processing facility
  • Performance evaluation, including residence time distribution tests, for a large anaerobic digester treating municipal biosolids
  • Oxygen Transfer Rate (SOTR) trials performed on new aeration systems
  • Trouble-shooting and optimisation of pond systems treating meat process wastewater